Hello. My name is Lina, I am an enthusiastic and open-minded person from Belarus. Meeting new people and getting new experience inspire me a lot, that's why I started my Exchange project. I take emotional pictures of you/your family or make a heartwarming film in exchange for delicious food, experience or anything you can suggest if this could be interesting for me. No money and no commercial relationship is the main idea of the project. 


Some info about me:

My best way to spend time is having small gatherings with homemade meals communicating with friends and family, going outside the overcrowded city in order to spend a day close to the nature, traveling new places and meeting new people.

I've already visited about 20 countries such as Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Austria, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, so I've learned much about different cultures and would like to learn more and more.


Check out my full portfolio at pages 'photo' and 'films'.